Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A little self-promotion

Actually, this is a note promoting one of my other blogs. One year ago, I started blogging one of my hobbies: my research on the architect J. L. Silsbee. It isn’t a subject that grabs visitors the way that picture rail, paint stripping or rain barrels do but I think that if you are a fan of art, old buildings and local history, it is something that might appeal to you.

I became interested in Silsbee while living in Buffalo, N.Y., when I found a series of buildings there designed by an architect from my hometown, Syracuse, N.Y. Moving to Chicago, I completed a sort of “Silsbee pilgrimage” by living in each of the cities where he had an office.

With the help of many others, I have uncovered over four hundred fifty works by Silsbee scattered across the country.  One of these days I hope to publish some of this research but that seems more and more unlikely as my free time is not as plentiful as when I started this hobby and my past attempts for grants and publishing have been met with nothing but rejection.  In the meantime, my sole publishing outlet is through the blog.  So far, I have blogged forty-two of Silsbee's works. At that rate, I will have blogged all of his known works in about ten years; if I don’t “discover” any more. This is unlikely, as new works seem to come up on a regular basis.

I hope you take the time to go and check out the other blog. The works are organized by building type and year they were designed.  There are a lot of nice pictures and there is even a map locating all of the structures I have blogged. Hope you enjoy it.


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