Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving with a deep fried turkey

Nope, we didn't plant palm trees behind the Tiny Bungalow, we spent the Thanksgiving away from home this year and opted for a warmer location with family in Florida.  We were all up for a change of pace, food-wise, as well so we thought we'd try a deep fried turkey.  It was a relatively easy process and not quite as dangerous as most people would have you think.  It is also convenient as all of the items you need are now available at your local hardware store and the cooking time is very fast.  

We did a small bird this year and I injected it with an herb and wine mixture of my own making.  You heat the oil (measured to the perfect amount to cover the bird) to 350 and then SLOWLY lower the DRY and DEFROSTED bird into the hot oil.  I have a feeling that this is where most morons screw up and drop the sucker in, sending oil and fire everywhere.    
The wire hanger was a much needed part of the process.  I was going to opt for the entourage of two or four people lowering it in on a giant spit-like contraption but the bird seemed a little small for all of that. 
 The only thing that is a small pain is that you have to watch the thing vigilantly, keeping the temperature regulated between 325 and 350 degrees.  This really isn't such a big deal since the entire cooking process takes all of 45 minutes.  I thought this was the best part.  Well, next to the crispy skin, it's the best part.

 Pulling the turkey out of the oil seemed like another place where most morons, after polishing off a six-pack while waiting the 45 minutes for the bird to cook, could screw up.  The bird came out great.  Now that we've done it once, I think I would have cooked it for a little less time but otherwise, the deep fried turkey was a huge hit.  

The only down-side to the whole operation is that I like the turkey stuffed with stuffing and the gravy that comes from the drippings in the pan.  Sadly, there is no way to replicate these with a deep fried turkey.  This might be why, upon returning home to the Tiny Bungalow, I went out and got a turkey today and am roasting it in the oven. 


Jennifer said...

It all looks so good! I must admit the deep-fried turkey never appealed to me before, but now I'm craving some.

Anonymous said...

It was so good-just could not believe it !! Thanks for cooking that bird Chris !!


construction_julie said...

That's awesome!