Sunday, December 05, 2010

Some New Doors

My daughter always wants to help with the projects around the house.  She's given a hand moving things, painting and sanding.  Now she's taken on a project of her own.  She felt it was absolutely necessary that people know which bathroom is for the boys and which one is for the girls so she devised her own label system, colored and cut out, and then mounted them on each bathroom door all by herself.  I don't know if I want the answers to the questions of her motives here. 
I took on a door project of my own.  After having the hardware fall off and a giant hole eat it's way through it, I figured it was finally time to replace and put working hardware on the garage door.  I generously got an old door from Humphrey House which is perfect for the location.  It worked out well because it re-purposes something they weren't using and it keeps me from needing to purchase on of my own.  I cut it down a little and then mounted it and added hardware.  When I get to the garage project, in the spring, I can finish painting it.   

 I am almost embarrassed to say that our garage has been without a locking door for a couple years now.  We've been fortunate that no one has "broken in" looking to steal anything.  Not that there is all that much to steal anyway.  Regardless, it will be nice to not have a pile of snow inside the garage when I wake up on snowy mornings this winter.

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