Friday, December 10, 2010

Trimming the Tree

We started to get in the holiday spirit at the Tiny Bungalow this week.  It began with our ritual trip to the Home Depot to pick out the tree.  I am not sure if I have mentioned it before but several years ago, I was in a hurry and pulled out a tree that hadn't been unwrapped yet.  I bought it sight-unseen and only was able to judge the height.  It ended up being the best tree we had gotten to that date.  Since then, I continue this ritual.  I have been pretty happy every year and this year is no exception.    
 I finished putting up the lights out front today.  We got a new critter for the front yard this year; a sitting dog.  Hint: if you want to get the attention of every school kid riding by on the local buses, wear a Santa hat while you decorate.  I got a lot of funny comments.  Some sort of mean but still pretty funny.

The entire street looks a bit more festive than usual this year and I have a feeling that folks will be adding on in a sort of "Griswold Competition" between now and the big day.  I think the dog is it for me.  Maybe next year, I'll spring for the pair of deer or maybe go crazy and stick something on the roof.        

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