Monday, December 13, 2010

More Flor

When I got the Flor tiles for the basement, I left two areas un-carpeted.  One of these was my daughter's play area.  The other day, she decided to stage a strike of sorts.  She said that she refuses to play in the new "play area" because it is too cold and will only play there if she gets a rug too.  No problem.  I would have gotten her something for the floor there to start off with but I know how picky she can get about color, etc.  Yesterday, we took her to the Flor store, where she picked out her own Flor tiles in the colors she wanted.  Actually, I should correct this.  She WANTED to get a fairly bright striped rainbow-colored tile with matching plain primary colored tiles.  We don't have a problem with rainbows per se but we thought it best not to go too crazy and so we persuaded her to choose something else.  Instead, she went for a composition of all blues. 
It doesn't looks so bad but I have to admit that I am glad you can't see the carpet from any place in the room EXCEPT when you are in the play area.  The actual tile should arrive in a couple days; just in time for her to have friends over this weekend. 

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