Saturday, February 12, 2011

And the award goes to...

It's always fun when someone notices and appreciates the work you do.  Even if the work is hardly work at all and is more of a hobby than anything else.  Our Tiny Oak Park Bungalow was presented the "Stylish Blogger" award by is it a house yet , another Chicagoland bungalow blogger.  This leaves me the responsibility to pass it on the a few of the blogs that I like and follow.  When they accept the award, they have to "pay it foward" as well.  Hopefully you enjoy these blogs as much as I do.

I am awarding the Stylish Blogger Award to:

Jenn is a friend of mine from art school.  She is very talented, makes some beautiful stuff and posts lots of her own inspiring pics as well as ideas from others.   

If you want to learn something about green living or how to go over the top with your Halloween decorating, this is the blog to check out.  

A stay at home mom that makes the most of her "free time".  Lots of great home-making and design ideas.

Nicole can tell a story with a sense of humor like no one else I know.  My only criticism is that her posts are few and far between.  She is a newbie to blogging but hopefully this award will light a fire under her to do more. 

The musings on an array of topics of an British expat living in Northern Indiana.  Dom is a newbie blogger as well and hopefully he'll find the time to keep up with this promising blog.       

Easily, this is the most comprehensive online network for Oak Parkers.  With 411 blog posts by Becca to date and countless more by others, this relatively new site has so much activity, you'd think it has been around for ages.

By far, the best archi-porn site out there.  If you love buildings or Chicago or history, you'll probably like this site as much as I do.


construction_julie said...

(Cue award music) I can't believe it! I'm honored to receive this award with my fellow bloggers. I'd like to thank the readers... wait, don't play exit music yet. (Congratulations on being Stylish!)

Jennifer said...

This is my first award ever (sob!)...You like me! You really like me! Thanks for the honor, Chris!

Anonymous said...

As a breathless Maureen Stapleton said in 1982, winning for supporting actress in "Reds," - "I want to thank . . . everybody I ever met in my entire life," for the Stylish Blogger Award!

Thank you ever so much!