Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Winter Wonderland

We got a little snow last night.  I think it is the first, maybe second, respectable snowfall I've seen in the Chicago area since moving here and I am sure it is one for their history books.  I won't have the six or seven foot piles that are common in the town where I grew up but there should be plenty of snow for forts and sledding and snowmen and all that other good stuff.  By the way, watch out Syracuse, I think this one is headed your way.  I went out last night, after about 6 hours of snow and snapped some pictures.  It was beautiful. 

I also went out this morning and took a few more.  A little snow is still coming down but mostly the fallen snow is blowing around and making some awesome shapes and drifts around the neighborhood.  Traffic is moving so I should probably finish my coffee and try to clean a path so I can get out of the house.  I am sure there will be more photos to come as people begin to shovel out from this.  I am glad I kept my Christmas lights up until now.  They certainly keep things festive.

Here are a few more after shoveling out.

We had a little lul and then round two started hitting as I left for work.  I took my camera to work so I got a few more neat shots.

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Sandy said...

That was some fierce wind. Glad you are OK. I especially liked the second picture you posted of the house. So pretty!