Saturday, April 09, 2011

What an Awesome Day

Since we moved in, this giant plastic piece of crap has been the bane of my existence.  Many children have enjoyed it but it has also killed many patches of lawn and has not been a friend to my back as I have moved it from one part of the yard to the other about a thousand times. 
It is a great day today because this is the last time I'll be moving it.  It has outgrown the children that come to the house and play.  Last summer, I even thought we were going to be rushing a car-load of kids to the hospital as the thing almost tipped over.
It now sits, in pieces, in our alley.  Hopefully the scrappers will make off with it by morning.  If not, maybe I'll put a note on Craigslist.  If worse comes to worst, maybe I'll just get the garbage men to take it away.
The ideas of a yard redoux are already brewing in my head.  Look at all that open space!
 In other yard news, the garlic is coming up and I need to start working on the herb garden.  The thyme and oregano also came in from last year.
I transplanted the clematis to the front yard.  I am not sure I'll love the dark color up there but at this point, I just wanted them out of the back yard.  I hope they take.
The coolest thing out front are the trillium plants coming up.  I put them in last year and they did nothing.  Let's hope they flower.  They look a little stunted but hopefully some nice weather will help them perk up.
All of the lilacs look great too.  Hopefully they all flower this year also.  The numerous buds seem promising.

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Jennifer said...

Finally, freedom from backyard play equipment... congratulations, and enjoy your fresh yard!