Saturday, May 14, 2011

3rd Annual Bungalow Blog Tour

What is a Bungalow?

Welcome to the 2011 version of the Annual "Virtual" Bungalow tour.  You should be arriving after just visiting Stucco House.  For this year's tour, I thought it would be good to explain what a bungalow is and show some of the characteristics of my place that make it a bungalow.   When I typically tell people that I have a bungalow, I usually get the question, "what is a bungalow?"  Everyone has seen this type of house but fewer could describe it if asked.

The primary characteristic of every bungalow is that it is a one-story structure or all of the main living areas of the home are on one story.  Some people have an attic space or bedroom on a second floor but to be called a bungalow, the exterior wall of that room would not be exposed on the exterior of the home.  Instead, it would be under the roof.  Bungalows typically have large low-slung roofs with wide eaves that give them a horizontal character.
Above is a pic of our home when we bought it.  It is a small single-story home.  I believe we've added to the bungalow character by introducing a garden of wildflowers in lieu of the large yews that used the grace the front.
Most bungalows have little ornament and when they have ornament, it is usually geometric in nature.  We have a geometric arrangement of simple wood trim on the front porch piers.  Something that is less characteristic of typical bungalows is the complex molding we have at the crown of each pier.
The windows on the front porch also have a simple geometric pattern created by wood mullions.  Most bungalows have extensive exterior spaces like our front porch or large windows that allow plenty of fresh light and air.  Our tiny bungalow, on an urban lot has few of these features.
A bungalow is not complete with at least some interior woodwork and built-ins.  In Arts & Crafts style bungalows, this woodwork is very simple.  In our bungalow, we have fairly elaborate trim with moldings.  We also have some Classical Revival detailing in our woodwork.  Because of this mixture of styles, our bungalow would be considered "Transitional".  
I think we are very fortunate that our woodwork is in tact and un-painted.  One of these days I'll get to re-finishing it so that it looks even nicer.
Most bungalows have other ornamental elements as well.  These can include art pottery tiles or art glass.  The bungalow is typically a showcase of various Arts & Crafts works in a variety of material.  We are fortunate to have some art glass in the doors of our dining room built-in.  Sadly, we have no Arts & Crafts tiles.    
In addition to the traditional Arts & Crafts detailing, the home has many of the original "off the shelf" fixtures.  These are typical Victorian era designs but are not seen in all bungalows.
 As I mentioned, we don't have extensive porches and exterior spaces attached to the home but we do Have a nice outdoor patio with an Arts & Crafts style pergola.

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Check out the next stop on the tour at: 


StuccoHouse said...

Great post! It took me many months after owning my house to figure out I had a bungalow....and that many of the houses in Minneapolis are bungalows :) I wish I had that patio..... Thanks for joining the Tour again this year!

Omar said...

Awesome home -- that dining room is certainly drool worthy. Kudos! :)

denise said...

Those wildflowers look soooo much better than the yews! We're hoping to build a pergola over our patio this year too instead of constantly moving the umbrella around to follow the sun. You did a great job!

TheBoisBungalow said...

I LOVE all of your woodwork. I am completely envious that it is all unpainted as well... We moved into a 1912 bungalow over a year ago and have spent the past year stripping...

Your home is beautiful!

BlackDog's Photographer said...

Definitely an improvement with the wildflower garden over the yew shrubs. Good work.

Also loving the original light fixture. We only had one original left in one of the upstairs bedrooms when we moved in and we moved to a downstairs room where it would be seen more often by visitors.

Thanks for the tour.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tour of your bungalow. You have a lovely home. Ditto on the yews.

Jennifer said...

Chris, your home is so gorgeous! I really do love all of the original details as well as those that you've added. Thanks for the tour!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful home. The wildflowers really do enhance the front of your house. Love the unpainted and ornate wood molding.

Mitch said...

Thanks for the post.

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