Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Island of Misfit Plants

I've got an addiction.  Well, I actually have two addictions.  First, I like moving plants.  I am not sure what my problem is but I can't help myself from finding a "better spot" for my plants.  I usually curb this activity from July through August but for most of the rest of the non-winter months, I move.  My second addiction is "salvaging" plants.  I can not walk into Lowe's without walking through the distressed plant area and buying something.  This isn't so good because, despite increasing my planting area into the parkway this year, I have pretty limited space for plants.  
This past weekend, we got a lot of rain: perfect moving weather.  I planted up some of the pots in the yard and then started moving and salvaging.  I got these two plants below from a client's house.  I have no idea what they are but they have pretty pink and white flowers.  Hopefully they are not too invasive.  
I also moved around some of the scattered seedlings from the foxglove seeds I planted.  If even a small fraction of these make it, I should have awesome looking foxgloves all over on corner of my yard next year.
Below is a salvaged hydrangea.  I got it from a landscape company that was getting rid of all of it's damaged stock.  When I got it, two years ago, it was nothing but a twig and a couple ruffled green leaves.  It looks like it might actually flower this year.
Below are my latest buys.  On the left is the double-file vibernum that I got last year.  It is doing well despite my trampling of it while installing holiday decorations.  Just to the right of it is the latest buy, a sad looking columbine.  My wife likes columbine and I told her if I see one in the dying plants area, I'll rescue it for her.
The back yard is doing pretty good so far.  The hops have taken over a chunk of the pergola.  I imagine it will be completely taken over in a couple more weeks.
The garlic and herbs are doing well.  I just need to put in some basil and rosemary for this year.
The hostas are doing well also.  These were just tiny stumps last year so I am glad they perked up.  I decided to put the hostas, trilium and some lily of the valley together in the back corner of the yard.  It is different from other portions of the yard and being near the patio, I thought it looked nice.  By the way, I also have several Rose of Sharon plants in here - I grew them from seeds from my mom's front yard.  If anyone wants one, let me know as I will have to dig up and discard about six of them.
We put in peas this year also.  They seem to be doing well.  Maybe, if I can keep myself from moving things around up front, I'll get to planting the rest of the garden before July.


Eric said...

Would love it if I could afford to fly you in here for a week to landscape my yard. I don't know who makes me more embarrassed about my yard, you or my next-door neighbor. Their yard is fit for a layout in Better Homes & Gardens.

BlackDog's Photographer said...

Lookin' good. That's a lot of work but sure is a pleasure to see things flower and grow. It's very rewarding isn't it? Besides more plants = less grass to mow. :)

Chris said...

I am all about "less grass". It is very enjoyable when I stop my annual moving and can just enjoy the birds and butterflies in the flowers.

Amanda said...

Hi, I've been following your blog for a few months since I bought my own Oak Park bungalow. :) Since I now have a yard, I've also developed the plant moving addiction, LOL. Have a question for you though -- in that photo with the hostas, what is the tall green plant that's kind of a bunch of shoots? I've got those growing and can't identify them. Thanks!

Chris said...

Welcome to bungalow ownership in the OP Amanda. In the center left of the photo are phlox. I have several kinds that are bushy like this. Mine flower in July/August.

The biggest word of advice I would give to any new home owner: don't pull anything until after an entire season. You never know what gems you might have that are worth keeping otherwise.