Sunday, June 05, 2011

A weekend to relax. Well, sort of.

It was my birthday this weekend so I didn't do too much around the house.  I have a three week plan to "finishing" the yard.  This week is the herb garden, which I finished.  We put in curry, rosemary, basil and already had lavender, oregano and two types of thyme.
My daughter got into the gardening act, insisting that we have a strawberry plant.  She also got a begonia and a small flower from our visit to Day in Our Village.   The next two weeks will be spent finishing the baskets and then planting the vegetable garden.
There is a bit of action in the garden.  We got some dark red sunflower seeds and scattered them around.  They are coming up and should be a nice addition to the back yard.
I plant the wash tub with marigold seeds every year.  I then transplant these up front, once they are more mature.  They are all sprouting and looking good also.
Since it was my birthday, I was able to get myself a gift from my mom and dad.  I made an addition to the back yard.  I got a hammock that now suspends between the two posts of the pergola.  You have to move the table out of the way to use it but that's fine with me.  It will keep others out of the back yard when I am trying to relax.
The view is pretty great too as I can sit and watch the hops grow.

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