Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Props to the garden

No, I didn’t win any awards or anything like that.  Instead, the props I am referring to are to shore up my tall plants after a rainstorm.  It has been raining pretty hard for the past two weeks and though it has done wonders for the growth of my garden, the flowers are looking a bit droopy. 
To prop them up, I spend time in the garden with a small bag of twist-ties, my clippers, and some bamboo sticks.  I like using the bamboo because it is sturdy and because it blends in with many of the stalky plants.  From the street, you can’t even tell that everything is tied up. 

The twist ties are convenient and easy to move and remove.  With the flowers getting bigger, this becomes a daily activity: propping up the plants so they don't look like a steam roller just went over my yard.  I wish there were ties that were made of a material that just decomposed in the garden.  I don't like using string and cloth because you can't adjust them over time and they are a bit more obtrusive. 
If anyone has other ideas for tying up the perennials, I’d love to hear them.


Holyoke Home said...

I use bamboo stakes and green twist ties! I have a gorgeous hibiscus in our front garden that was *perfectly* able to stand on it's own last year, that has now decided to be all weak in the knees. What's up with that?

Omar said...

Sweet flower beds -- I especially like the purple bell shaped flowers. What kind of plant is that?

Chris said...

Thanks. The pinkish purple flowers are the foxglove. They are a perennial that I started from seed. I should have a ton of them next year from the seeds that fell last year.