Saturday, August 06, 2011

I'm taking a break

I'm taking a break from dealing with flood stuff and from working on other people's houses to finish a project at my own.  When I last posted about the latest project I started, it looked something like this:
We have lived with the crappy rotting siding on our garage one year too long and as it started to fall off, I figured it was time to help it along.  Since then, I've started adding new siding to the garage.  Actually, to half the garage, since half was not rotted.  I am using Hardi-backer and intend on painting it to look like stucco with board trim.  Once finished, I am also going to paint the entire garage the green color that I used on the back-side a couple years ago.  Progress went pretty good the past couple weekends.
When I started planning this project, I got an idea about how to make the garage and garden very unique.  For those that followed the blog several years ago, you may remember this post asking for random tile.  I got a great response and folks delivered and sent me tile to do a floor in the basement.  At least two bloggers: Humphrey House and Bungalowtastic sent me some great stuff from their places. Well, a 50yr and 100yr storm in the same year later, this project doesn't seem as "fun" as it once did.  But wouldn't it be cool to incorporate the tile into a frieze on the garage? Today I got to work on that. I had dreams of hordes of child-labor here to help me out but that hasn't been the case.  I still think it is going pretty well.  It just may take a little time.
I am sure it looks like I am meticulously placing each one but really, I am flying by the seat of my pants.  It is fun and I think it will be great once the rest of the garage is painted.  I'll post about the technical aspects of this once I am finished.  Again, I am flying by the seat of my pants, so don't expect too much. 
Hopefully this project doesn't go too long - not sure doing exterior tile mosaic is good during the winter months.

I'll end tonight's blog with a non-sequitur:  The sunflowers look great this year:


sarah said...

Do you want some more tile? I have a few extras of a gorgeous art nouveau Mackintosh Rose and I would love to give one to someone who 'gets' it, plus we have some other small (3/4") glass mosaics and a couple of others. This is a great idea! Looking at all our leftovers from various projects the other day, I was wondering about making a grand melange someday...

Chris said...

We'd love more tile. It can still be sent to: Tiny Oak Park Bungalow
c/o Harold O. Schulz Co. 2124 Ashland Avenue Evanston, IL 60201