Monday, May 28, 2012

Finishing touches on the garden

I spent the last couple days continuing my work on the back yard.  Most of the work was cleaning up debris from last weeeks' project and from dismantling the old compost area.  I cut some new planting beds in the back yard and used soil from the compost area to fill in. 

I was finally able to put down the pea gravel around the planting beds.  It really neatens things up quite a bit.  Also, I had some good luck the other day as some friends let me know of another friend that was leaving town and wanted to get rid of their rain barrel.  This is awesome because I'll be able to have a barrel in the garden, where I need the water but bad as it creates a new project: I need to add gutters to the garage to direct the water to the barrel.   
The beds are doing well and all of the seed I put in last week has started to sprout.  I've also put a few potted plants in the garden area and will probably add more.  My daughter told me they looked messy because they looked "unplanned".  I just love getting aesthetic criticism from a seven year old.  I think when all of the plants have come in and I have more out there, it is going to look great.  I also have a lot of cleanup left to do along the fence: stray containers, pavers and other junk litters the area.  Also, since i don't have a compost area to throw all of my trimmings and weeds, I have piles of them all over too.    
On a final note: this is the first year that my neighbor's service berry has ever produced fruit.  They trim the crap out of it every year and the fruit never has a chance.  I've been eating off of the branch overhanging my walkway. They are pretty awesome and I can't believe more people don't plant them.  Tomorrow morning, I may pick a couple pints for snack or maybe even a pie.   

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