Monday, May 21, 2012

Raised beds

For years, I have wanted to organize the garden amd build raised beds.  Instead, I have had no garden and the back corner of the yard has turned into the world's largest compost bin.  This weekend, I tried to fix that. 
I already planned on taking on this project but my mother in law bought me a bunch of heairloom seeds and this pushed me to get them in the ground quickly so I spent yesterday in the yard. 
I constructed the beds out of 1x4 and a bunch of 4x4 I had laying around as scrap.  I think if I were to take this on again, as I think I will in a few years when these come apart or rot, I will use 2x material.  The 1x had a lot of warping and was hard to keep plumb and even.   
They are a little rustic-looking and not perfectly even (I guess aligning them with my crooked sidewalk wasn't such a great idea) but they are a vast improvement. 
I transplanted all of our herbs into one of them and planted seed in the others.  We have a couple heirloom variety tomatoes and some cucumber, pepper and lettuce. 
I still have a lot to do in this area.  I need to clean up all of the old pots and stuff by the fence and put down the pea gravel that I bought for the paths around the bozes.  I also want to do several large containers of mint, lettuce and other plants to fill the area.  It will certainly change over the next few weeks.


Adelaide in Illinois said...

Beautiful! And you will be reaping the benefits all season long. Enjoy.

Fort Worth Roofing said...

The raised gardens look awesome... can't wait to see how they look after the plants grow.