Saturday, May 19, 2012

To help with the drainage, I hope

I took on a pretty big project last week.  We have a general problem with drainage in the back yard when there is a big storm.  It usually results in ponding at the patio and in front of it.  I thought that it might help if I put in a drain tile that led from this area, sloped back to the alley.  I started digging and was immediately confronted with my old nemesis.  I totally forgot that the PO completely covered the back yard in layers of landscape fabric.   
After a lot of pulling, I was able to dig.  After about an hour, I found another "obstacle".  I am not positive but I am pretty sure there are about 50 bags of dog feces buried in the back.  I have found some weird shit at this place (no pun intended) but this takes the cake.  Was the PO afraid to throw it away?  I am not sure I get this one.  Then again, I don't even get the whole fabric under the lawn thing either.
After a couple hours, I got the trench dug and pitched properly.  The end of the trench is a couple inches below the  alley but I figure this isn't all that critical.  Any drainage I get out of this area is better than none.
Once I got the perforated tube in place, I ran a hose in it for a while and it seemed to work pretty well.  This area will become a walkway adjacent to the planter beds I intend on putting in.  I have this grand vision to have this area look more formal: a portager garden in raised beds, several large potted plants, pea gravel paths, etc.  Oh, I hope to finish the mosaic on this side too. 
Another funny discovery was the unique way that the PO achieved a pitch on the old walkway to the garage.  They actually had several layers of brick and cement paving blocks built up in the area.  I stopped digging after pulling up about 10 new blocks.  One more and I may start to have a dilemma with getting rid of them.   
I hope this little project, along with the other changes I am making in the yard help out with the flooding.  I guess time will tell. 


Anonymous said...

If you have any fabric left, wrap the drain tile with it to prevent sediment clogging up the perforations over time.

Darryl Iorio said...

You did just the right thing, buddy! No matter how well constructed a drainage system is, it is still best to carefully maintain it. Clean ditches will distinguish themselves when they come to save you from flooding and structural damage.