Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cleaning up the back entry

The back corner of our yard, where a gate leads to the alley, has always been the most neglected part of the yard.  Overgrown with morning glories, raspberries and several buckthorn that I cut down to the ground annually, it never looked particularly nice.  Since I spruced up the garden, I figured it was time that I cleaned up the rest of this area and make a planting bed out of the ramble that existed there.
I added a bird-bath, some potted plants and moved one of the hanging baskets to this area.  I also added a border of broken patio stones.  I figured this was better than keeping the pile of stones heaped in the planting area.  I am happy with how it all looks and it should be much easier to maintain.
The garden is doing very well.  We had our first lettuce of the year last night, the tomato plants are starting to develop flowers, and the cucumbers now need some support so that they can grow more.   
The heat has taken its toll on much of the yard and I feel like I am constantly watering but things still look pretty good.  The sunflowers are starting to bloom and it looks like a lot of the other flowers that burst in mid-July, will be blooming later this week. 

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