Sunday, March 06, 2016

Time for a Change - The Main Bathroom Renovation

After almost ten years of living with the PO's "renovation", I think we've finally had it with our hundred year old bathroom and are ready for a change. I am not really sure why we waited so long to address this problem: layers and layers of wallpaper and paint that seem to be cracking and crumbling before our eyes, the unhealthy lack of proper ventilation, and the random mixture of fixtures and fittings. It all has to go or be changed.

The overhead bathroom light has always reminded me of a saloon. It appears to be a historic-looking shade but it seems more like a lamp shade, cobbled together to look like it was always there. 

The ceiling is riddled with alligatoring and staining because of the years of paint build-up, dirt and mold.

It looks like the tub had been refurbished at one time but the paint job is messy, uneven and cracking. The original hexogonal tile (I know it was there because I have found random pieces around the house and yard) was removed in favor of crappy grey tile that looks like it was found on the side of the road.

The wallpaper that makes the entire room look like a circus tent has never looked good and the pealing and cracking only adds to its bad appearance. The vanity lighting is updated but it too looks dated to circa 1990 and needs to go. The built-in medicine cabinet is in good enough shape but could use some new hardware and serious sprucing up.

The original faux plaster tile is still there but it has been over-painted, drilled through, cracked and damaged to the point that it doesn't look appealing at all. We are in a debate as to whether to put the energy into restoring it or surfacing over it altogether.

The toilet doesn't function properly and its cover is cracked and has never fit. Paint and plaster seem to be chipping everywhere. 

Over the next week, I will be sorting through the scope of work in the bathroom but right now, it looks like we will be touching everything in here. Unlike other work, we will probably be calling in professionals to help out. This is more than I want to take on by myself. 


. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

I restored our 1925 bungalow's plaster tile. It was tedious work, but made a huge difference. That particular project is the sort of thing I'd do myself, as i doubt you'd find a contractor willing to do the work. Most of them seem to want to rip out walls, and replace with Sheetrock.

If you mosey over to our blog, you can see the documentation.

Sharon @ Laurelhurst Craftsman said...

That's about how our bathroom looked, but for the wallpaper. I'm sure yours will look beautiful when you're done remodeling it. I am looking forward to the posts.