Sunday, November 04, 2018

Another painting project before the winter hits

I'll admit, I haven't been working as diligently as I should have on my exterior painting. I did get quite a bit of interior work completed this year but when it comes to the outside, I have not been as productive. One item I did want to take on before the cold weather hit was the front porch. I did finish scraping, priming and painting the front columns.  

I went back and forth on how to deal with the many layers of paint that were on the stucco. I decided to remove what I could and then apply a couple coats of Thorocoat over everything. A local paint store was able to tint it so that it was a close match to the color I was painting my clapboards. The scraping and painting the stucco was tedious work. I still have a couple minor touch ups to do but I am happy with the results.  

Hopefully I can tackle a second coat on the trim and be finished with this before the end of the year. It will all depend on weather at this point.

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