Saturday, August 30, 2008

If life gives you cucumbers...

...make pickles.

Since my escapades of working on the garage are not worth writing about (and still have me steamed), I figure I'd post about a new endeavor at the Tiny Bungalow that is a bit more positive: canning. I've never done this before but I did watch my mom do it when I was young.

I used about half of our cucumbers and made 8 pints of bread & butter pickles. My family is not a big sweet pickle eater so unless I could find a contractor that would work for pickles, I figured it wasn't worth making any more.
Overall, the canning experience went well, which is a good thing since I have ingredients to make a few pints of salsa for canning tomorrow night. Hopefully that will go just as well. I also hope make some headway with the garage tomorrow and post the long sad story.


StuccoHouse said...

Mmm...those look good. I love to can. I just went through a sauerkraut phase. You'll have to pick up a vintage Red Wing crock & try fermented dills next :-)

Scott Becker said...

The pickles do look really good and just as a side note - I am a contractor and I will work for pickles. Unfortunately I am in New York. Seriously I took an interest in your garage story this morning and you have me interested in what is going on. What's the problem? Was it more than cosmetic? Take care and try not to sweat it - I know easier said than done. Scott