Sunday, August 31, 2008

More fun with the garage trim

The garage project is a two-pronged problem. Problem one is how I deal with the fact that the roofing and fascia were installed incorrectly and in such a way as it will cause never ending headaches if they are not fixed. Problem number two is the garage cladding. The garage is currently clad in some fiberboard shit imprinted with wood grain (absolutely beautiful stuff!). It is not good for this climate (or any climate for that matter) and will eventually (when I win the lottery) need to be replaced. In the meantime, I need to make it presentable for our neighborhood inspection.

Problem one, though not easy to solve, is simple to understand. There is no flashing or drip edge and the first two rows of shingles are set so that the tabs are aligned - yes, this means that the gaps, where water can flow are aligned too so water flows directly from the roof, on to the substrate and fascia, and soffit and rots everything.For the fix, I will eventually put in metal flashing and a new drip edge over replaced soffit and fascia.I began yesterday by removing all of the existing fascia. Simple enough until I started running into wasps nests and more wasps nests and more wasps nests... ...and a shit-load of rotted wood.
I eventually got everything removed and discovered that the problem was just as bad as I had imagined. I completed demo and then started putting on new soffit, eave, and fascia. I give myself a B- on this work but I think that once it is painted, it will look more like a B/B+. I'm pretty happy. I get the B- because I screwed up the measurement and did not run the fascia on the back of the garage across the ends of the board from one side. It's a small detail but it really makes a difference.
I also get a B-because I cheaped out on the back eave. You see, it didn't look rotted when I first inspected everything but once I started demo, I could see that the edge was a mess. Since I never allotted for this in lumber (and priming), I was short on materials. Instead of ripping out the rotted eave (and going to buy and treat more wood), I put a 2.5" piece of trim along the entire length to hide the rotted part. It actually looks good and I wish I had enough to add this detail everywhere but I am out of steam for this project. All in all, it looks good. Tomorrow, I will paint and install all of the flashing and new drip edge. I am excited about the paint colors. Maybe that will make me feel better about this entire experience.Problem two: that fucked up siding. I don't know where this crap came from but I hope the hell that the guy that invented it is in a Turkish prison. Lesson: if you dip it in water for 10 seconds and it falls apart, you probably shouldn't clad any structures on your property with it. I just don't get it and refuse to waste any more time trying to rationalize why this stuff exists.

It is all rotted at the base of the structure and has to go - but the PO, instead of removing the rotted fibershit-siding and replacing it, put vinyl siding OVER IT!!! I removed some of the vinyl cladding to find a rotted mess beneath. BTW, I love that Jay over on Humphrey thought it was "cute" - it is kind of endearing because there is so little of it. So, I cleaned the rotted mess out and now I am left with an area that needs cladding and the matching material is not found at any of the local hardware establishments.

I will probably end up moving some siding from another part of the garage and re-painting the entire garage to homogenize everything for "final inspection". Maybe I'll eventually create a wainscot of sorts at the bottom course of the garage and actually "fix" the problem but I think that project can wait until spring. Wait, I get it about the vinyl OVER the fibershit-siding! Maybe the PO was waiting until spring to fix it properly?

Anyway, I hate the fibershit-siding but the wood-grained vinyl laid over it really pisses me off. I'm trying to figure out what to do with it (we recycle everything in the OP but I don't think they'll take this). Maybe I'll ship it over to the Vinyl Institute - since they think the stuff is so great, I am sure they have something they can do with it.

Note: I have been Googling Fibershit-siding Institute for days but nothing comes up. This stuff is obviously called something else.

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