Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Bags are just about completed

After a lot of tracing and cutting and masking and peeling, I am nearing the end of a two-year old project and might actually get to play with it this summer.  
I learned a couple lessons in the project.  First, it might be worthwhile to purchase and work with a higher-tack frisket for this type of project.  I thought the low-tack would be fine but it peeled up a bit and took a lot of patience to work with.  Second, this is not the kind of project to do in 90 degree weather with a lot of humidity.  this made the frisket more pliable and made it "buckle" so again, it was hard to keep it stuck to the boards.  Finally, it is far from perfect but I really like the final product but I am not sure that a yard game needed this much attention.  At least I can tailgate with a little more style though.  After I get a couple coats of clear-coat on these things, I have to go buy some brats and beer.     


Hawk3ye said...

They look awesome - love the stadium silhouettes! You'll get a lot of compliments.

Between this & your pergola & your bathroom I am feeling like an inadequate homeowner. Will have to start my curtain project soon!

Chris said...

Thanks. I think I am going to hit a wall pretty soon and hit it big-time. Then you won't hear a peep until I start hanging the holiday decorations in December.

Nathan said...

Very, very impressive! I have quite a few friends who constructed their own but these are so well designed, they blow them all out of the water! Good work!

Jay said...

These are great, and sadly put my plain dark blue cornhole boards to shame. I'll have to agree that the scoreboards silhouettes really make these standout.