Sunday, July 04, 2010

A Project From The Past - Bags

It's a little embarrassing.  This project has been sitting since April of last year.  I had this notion that I would build myself a really cool set of board to play bags with.  I got the boards built and it ended with a coat of white paint.  I now have an excuse to finish them.  I'll be tailgating at a baseball game on Thursday so it would be nice to have them ready.

I have a design.  I printed it out and pieced it together out of a number of 8.5x11 sheets of paper and then laid them over the boards.
The next step is to adhere the frisket, a masking film, over the entire board.

I then put a sheet of graphite over the frisket and use it to transfer the design to the frisket.  Eventually, you cut away the parts of frisket you want to paint and apply spray paint or air brush and you get a decent clean design and it allows me to do more complex shapes than the standard masking tape does.  

The next step will be cutting out the designs and spray painting onto the boards.   I am intent on having this finished for a baseball outing on Thursday.  I have never done airbrush before and never worked with frisket and spray paint so hopefully this works out okay.  If not, we may be playing on blank boards.  Stay tuned.

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