Saturday, July 03, 2010

Basement Bathroom in Progress

The bathroom renovation is moving along at a pretty good pace with only a couple minor “challenges”.  

After a little sanding and extra drilling, I finally have the door reversed and it swings the way that I want it.  Of course, the door frame was not square so flipping wasn't as easy as I had hoped. I am glad this is done.  Its a detail I am not sure others will notice but having the door swing up against a wall as opposed to into the middle of the space is a big deal to me.  I just wonder if I really should patch the hinge and latch "holes" that are in the jamb.  It's a kind of funny reminder to just leave them there.   
I stripped the adhesive off the floor but I can’t make a dent in the existing paint.  My hopes for a stained floor are pretty much gone right now and instead, I will be painting them a dark brown.  Phasing the painting, patching of the walls and vanity installation is going to be key at this point.  I will try and get a coat on tonight and another first thing tomorrow so that I can work on it by tomorrow afternoon.

One of the tedious jobs I tackled was re-painting the ceiling grid.  It was rusted (due to some past leakage) in areas and needed some sanding and new paint.  It is a small detail that some folks might not notice but it makes a big difference to me.  I also installed a ceiling tile in the shower (it had been missing since we moved in.  I saved a small stash of tiles when I demoed the basement ceiling and they do come in handy.
Finally, I installed the mirrors this morning.  I used a mirror adhesive and mechanically fastened the mirrors to the wall with the most ridiculous system I could devise.  The adhesive goes on with a caulk gun and it is workable for about 5 minutes.  I have plenty of friends that have had nightmares with the adhesive but since this is not the main bath and I will eventually have a large shelf beneath the mirrors, then hopefully I won't have any issues.  So far I love the look.  The only problem is that the walls are crooked in this room (which made the door a bitch to install when I flipped it) but it also made it so I couldn’t butt the mirror up against the corner as it created a gap.  I installed it with a slight gap instead.  I don’t think it looks too bad but it is a noticeable detail that I am not sure I could have gotten around. 
In the next day, I hope to finish patching the walls and begin tackling the vanity and sink.  Hopefully things will continue to go smoothly but I think I know better than that.  

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