Friday, July 09, 2010

Bathroom Progress

I am going to have a lot on my punch list for the bathroom.  I am over halfway there but to the untrained eye, the bathroom looks "finished" for now.  A closer examination shows plenty of painting touch-up, glueing down of the sink, re-sealing, fixing the curtain and a shelf and countless other small things to do to call the job "complete".  We have guests this weekend so I won't be able to complete things for another week.
The new vanity for the bathroom (as well as the sink and the fixtures are all from Ikea.  We love the look of the Ikea stuff but don't love putting it all together.  I am also not so sure Ikea is the best choice for "built-in" items for an existing home that is almost a hundred years old.  I'll have to blog separately on the blumbing and cabinetry "issues" I had to get to a finished state. 
One of the "big" decisions about the room was a curtain that will cover our linen closet.  I wanted to choose something that would set the tone for all of the colors in the room.  I wanted to go with something a little wild but since I added my wife to the decision making process on this one, we ended up with a compromise.  I am ultimately happy with it, it is just not where I thought I would end up. 
When we installed the vanity, due to the fact that the plumbing already existed and was in a fixed position, we had to install the shelves on the right side of the cabinet.  We had hoped to have them on the left, facing the door.  This is one of several compromises we had to make because we were working with existing conditions in the bathroom. 
I am happy with the final look of the room and it is a massive improvelement over what it used to look like.  One big missing item is a shelf that I wanted under part of the mirror, over the toilet.  Unfortunately, Ikea is out of their Lack shelf.  I am inclined to purchase the concealed hanger and wood separately and make my own but I guess I am a little exhausted right now and can handle being a little patient for now. 


Dason said...

Those improvements are awesome! I don't know if I would have been able to stick with it in a complete bathroom upgrade like you did. Especially with the painting (I hate painting lol) and getting high off the fumes.

Jay said...

IKEA lacks the Lack. Ha ha.

What's the flooring that you put down?

Chris said...

I went with a brown floor/concrete paint. It is not what I wanted. I wanted to stain it but I I couldn't get the old paint off the floor as a prep for that. Would love to know what THAT paint was as it seems like it will last forever. Too bad it is a battleship grey color - what seemed to be the color of choice for my PO.

Anonymous said...

Looks really nice. Love the sink and LOVE IKEA!