Saturday, July 17, 2010

A few random shots

With all of the 90 degree weather, the garden is looking a little worse for wear these days.  I wanted to post something and pics of wilting flowers don't seem to appropriate.  I have been meaning to drop in some more photos of Split Rock since featuring it on a "10 things I like..." post just over a month ago.  This has nothing to do with houses or home improvement but it is a cool and inspiring place and I thought it would be fun to feature it here.  Hope you enjoy.  


Dason said...

That's an amazing place to be. Is it just an old run-down house or what?

Chris said...

It's an old limestone quarry. It has a bit of history though - if you click the link within the "10 things" text, you can read some of it. Or just Google Split Rock Quarry.