Saturday, March 05, 2011

Basement 3 of 3 - Entertainment/Living Area

This is the final installment of our completed basement project.  I am surprised I don't have any pics of what the entertainment area looked like before the flood but the space where we moved it to used to be occupied by the play area.  The TV viewing area was dominated by a giant Sauder entertainment center and a huge couch.  Both were great when we had a huge apartment on the north side but they never quite fit in at the bungalow. 

The new area has a different style.  We wanted to go a little more minimal and in keeping with our theme of getting as much stuff "on legs" and off the ground as possible, a more modern look seemed appropriate.
The television stand is the same cabinet that I hung over my desk.  It is Ikea and outfitted with drawers instead of doors and has open shelving for the cable box and other devices.  I also added legs to it.  We never had a place to display family pics so we put some picture ledges from Ikea on one wall and arranged them there.  
The big purchase was a new couch.  We got a sectional from Macy's.  It took almost four months for it to arrive but Macy's was very nice about it, gave us some discounts, and we are happy with the purchase.  I don't love the light-colored Flor I chose for this area.  The color matches some of the flecks in the floor and it was intended to brighten up the space but I think it is a bit much.  Don't be surprised if it gets moved to another area of the house and I replace it with something different.   
At some point, we'd like to replace the butterfly chair in the corner with something a bit more comfortable.  For now, it is fine.  We mostly use it to hold clean laundry anyway.
I already blogged about my mother in law's table that I refinished.  I think it works well in the room and am happy with how it turned out.  I should get another coat of oil on it though.  

A final touch was a storage area for my boards.  I thought they looked nice enough to have up as sort of art pieces so I mounted them on cleats on the wall at the bottom of the stairs.  The six year old boy from across the street saw them and lit up saying they were "the coolest thing I've ever seen".  Even though it isn't coming from the most discerning critic, I'll take the compliments when I can get them.  


Anonymous said...

Looks really nice!

Sam Bryant said...

Sweet project Chris! Quite an accomplishment. What did you do for the floor/ing? Epoxy? Over what? It looks every even.

Chris said...

Thanks Sam. The floor is the Color Chips Epoxy system. I blogged about it in earlier posts. I would recommend it for anyone with a DIY project for a similar application.

Jennifer said...

Chris, great job on the whole basement project! This area looks so welcoming and comfortable; I could see hanging out watching movies there on a rainy Sunday (like we're having right now in NY).

jay said...

Great idea for storing the boards - they now have a proper home! :)